BG Elite Stick 5.25″ Green Pumpkin Candy

The Bass Gorilla Elite Stick 5.25″ is the perfect sized stick bait for fish of all sizes. The BG Elite Stick 5.25″ is poured with a very fine salt that allows for a perfectly balanced weight. The bait remains extremely durable and flexible, making it an effective bait for flipping lily pads and grass lines. It is a highly versatile bait that can be fished in numerous ways. To start with, it can be fished weightless around any type of vegetation. Secondly, it is easily pitched and skipped under docks, or it can be wacky rigged. Additionally, it has an unparalleled ability to sink with a deadly side-by-side wiggling action with any rigging. There is no wrong way to fish this bait! 7 per pack. All baits are loaded with Gorilla Juice scent.


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